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Lidl target of supply chain campaign

Jun 20

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NGOs demand "Play fair with tropical fruit workers"

The Europe-wide Make Fruit Fair! campaign is calling on Lidl to improve conditions for those working in its tropical fruit supply chains.

Campaigners are asking the discount supermarket to “Play Fair with the small-scale farmers and workers that plant, pick and pack its bananas and pineapples.”

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The campaign is asking Lidl to use the Fairtrade minimum price as the minimum standard in their sourcing.

Earlier this year, Lidl announced it is taking steps to buy all its bananas from 100% sustainable sources. However campaigners say that this doesn't go far enough.

Although many bananas and pineapples sold by Lidl are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Make Fruit Fair! does not believe that this voluntary certification scheme guarantees fair prices, living wages, safe workplaces or union rights. 

Campaigners say that the price Lidl pays for tropical fruit does not cover the real costs of production.

They contend that paying such low prices, means: 

  • that workers can be exploited through the payment of poverty wages, 
  • Insecure employment,
  • Denial of their rights to collectively bargain for better wages and conditions.
  • Employers are discouraged from hiring women
  • Companies are discouraged from investing in improved environmental practices which means that plantation workers and their families are exposed to toxic pesticides, and suffer from respiratory symptoms, sickness and dizziness.


A recent report by Make Fruit Fair! member Oxfam Germany – Sweet Fruit, Bitter Truth - alleges underpayment, dangerous pesticide exposure and inhumane living conditions across a range of pineapple plantations in Costa Rica and banana farms in Ecuador, that supply Lidl and other European supermarkets. 


Take action

Consumers can sign in support of the campaign online at

Or you can download and sign postcards, to be delivered to Lidl, in support of the campaign demands.



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