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Nouvelle not-so-green

Jul 1

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Nouvelle may boast its 100% recycled credentials – but the company that owns it also makes toilet tissue from virgin forests and was the main US importer of wood from Indonesia

Nouvelle, purveyors of the nation's most popular recycled loo roll, are very keen for us to let the world know: "for those who love their environment, but love their bottoms too, there’s hope on the horizon...and it’s soft and squidgy and toilet roll shaped. Nouvelle Soft has arrived."

That's judging by the number of calls and emails their PR people are putting out, anyway.


There's a running joke at Ethical Consumer that any line containing a positive solution has to be followed by a "but..." - as in "Fluffy&Cos new designer knitted low energy lighbulb cosy is fairtrade and organic, but the company group is also involved in genetically engineering veal for the US army as well as making cluster bombs in its Sudanese subsidiary"...


So... in the grand tradition of Ethical Consumer as the bringer of bad news (let's face it, they're enough titles out there already promising to let you know how to "shop the planet back to health in seven easy steps") goes


"At last" reads Nouvelle's press release, "a recycled product that offers ‘conscience without compromise’" Nouvelle may be 100% recycled, but...


Buyers of recycled toilet paper would be interested to know that brand owner Georgia-Pacific also makes a number of other European brands... from virgin forests...


Ethical Consumer called a boycott of Nouvelle in our Climate Criminals campaign

Georgia-Pacific came out worst in a WWF report on sustainability in the tissue sector, while its parent company, private equity firm Koch Industries has been part of a team advising President Bush on developing a conservative “environmentalism for the 21st century”. de-regulation, pro-corporate logging interests. Koch Industries also has a subsidiary in the oil business - not known for its green credentials. Oh, and Georgia Pacific got a bottom rating in 2005 from the UK Environment Agency for its environmental management.


Ruth Rosselson, author of Ethical Consumer's Toilet Tissue report said:


“Nouvelle may boast its 100% recycled credentials – but the company that owns it also makes toilet tissue from virgin forests and was the main US importer of wood from Indonesia. There’s plenty of greener choices than Nouvelle. Even the UK supermarket own-brands use only recycled fibres, or are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, showing they take environmental issues more seriously than Nouvelle’s owners. It just goes to show you’ve got to look beyond the brand.”


Check out Ruth's report for genuine ethical alternatives - and for more detail on Georgia Pacific see here.





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Re: And now for the bad news

same old shit, if you'll pardon the pun - buy recycled, support deforestation! Disappointing to see the Woodland Trust endorsing Nouvelle in this context - their new fluffy green website says packs are going to have the Woodland Trust logo on from October
wonder if you could get anywhere the Advertising Standards Authority on their claim"Choosing Nouvelle makes a valuable contribution to protection of the environment" given all the above.

By Bob Dobbs on   06/07/2008 15:43


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