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Tesco sells Dobbies garden centres

Jun 28

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Dobbies ethical score improves 

Dobbies score on our ethical ranking system has jumped from 2.5 to 7 in our garden centres report after the company was sold by Tesco.

The company scores relatively well for its policies on the stocking of peat and its timber sourcing. All its garden furniture is FSC certified and it had committed to achieving 90% + peat free status.


It also no longer picks up many of the negative marks it previously inherited from Tesco, including marks for likely use of tax avoidance strategies and for corporate lobbying.

However the company now gets a worst rating for some of its policies, including environmental reporting and supply chain, which were previously covered by Tesco and scored well. The hope is that the company will now begin to put these in place.

Tesco has sold Dobbies to a consortium led by private equity companies Midlothian Capital Partners and Hattington Capital. The full details of ownership are not yet publicly available and we'll continue to update this in the coming months.

Tesco are also looking to sell two other brands featured in our guides:



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