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Jul 6

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The ETI ask, "do consumers care?" 

Last week the Ethical Trading Initiative held an event looking at Ethical Consumption entitled, "Do you think consumers care about ethical purchasing?"


At the event they discussed several topics including: 

  • How much responsibility do consumers have to drive companies to be more ethical?
  • And how much should companies help their customers understand the impact of cheap products and their ability to improve labour rights?


Leading academics and members of the ethical business community respond to the event in the video below:


Ethical Consumer's Heather Webb, who attended the conference said: 

"This event showed that consumers have a high expectation of companies to do the right thing - in terms of workers rights, animal rights, the environment and paying their taxes. However as many people know the reality is often very different. In order for change to occur companies need to be pushed and consumers can be part of that movement that forces change.

Consumers clearly have a responsibility but that is shared by business and government. Ethical markets work best when all these stakeholders work together."


Ethical Consumer Conference 2016

We'll be discussing the issue of responsibility and transparency at our annual conference entitled:

"Collaborating for change: How consumers, business, campaigners and governments can work together to advance ethical markets"

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