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New website to fight Corporate Crime

Jul 8

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Every year, corporate crime costs us much more in financial terms and in terms of lives lost than ‘street crime.’

Crime committed by profit-making corporations kills, maims, rips off and steals from more people than all other forms of crime put together - so says new website The new website is dedicated to providing well researched information and robust data on the problems associated with corporate crime, and how to effectively tackle it. It's been set up with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, designed and maintained by radical arts collective UHC and edited by a loose group of academics and researchers. The site's mission is to work to expose corporate wrongdoing and seek to develop ways to subject corporations to more effective popular and legal controls.


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Re: New website to fight Corporate Crime

I have been involved in a civil case, where large public corporations were involved in what appears to be a Fraud in our Federal Court system. { you can’t say it is fraud until it is proven in court } For many years I have tried to collect a fair amount of money that was due to me. My efforts have failed due to what I feel is a high level of corruption and the corroboration between public corporations and a privately owned corporation that has deceived the Federal Court. I have contacted all of the Federal Agencies that I knew to contact in hopes that they would help me handle this issue. I know our tax dollars pay them to do just that, but all they give me is excuses. I have even talked to Congress and the White House about this issue. There is millions of dollars here that is involved in this alleged fraud and civil case. It appears to me that the Government is protecting these large public corporations, by not dealing with the issue. I feel that I have been not only screwed over by these public corporations and but by our own Government as well for at least twenty million, not counting interest on the judgment of 12%. Until our Government steps up to the plate and makes ALL corporations follow the law, there will be no confidence from the public about our government or Corporate America. How can we have confidence in our government when there are laws that we are to adhere to and they do not enforce some of them as is with these corporations. It is business as usual with all the political lies and dancing. Here is my web address:

Chuck Smathers

By Chuck Smathers on   17/11/2008 04:32


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