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Product Guide improvements

Sep 15

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Changes to look and functionality of guides

Over the summer we’ve been looking at how best to serve readers and what we can do to provide you with the most useful and up-to-date information possible. 

After listening to ideas and feedback, as well as analysing our website usage data, we’ve come up with a number of innovations to our Product Guides. 

These include changes to:

  • the number of guides live on the site, 
  • how often guides are updated 
  • colour scheme and design of Product Guides on the website
  • additional ‘places to buy’ links



Quality not quantity

You may have already noticed a change to the total number of product guides we have on the site, as we phase out some of those that are out-of-date, not viewed or are less relevant, for example the guides to football clubs, board games and bus companies. 

Over time the total number of Guides on the website will be reduced from 220 to around 170, and eventually down to about 130. Useful information from these guides will still be available elsewhere on the website.  


More regular updating

With a smaller set of guides those that remain will be updated more frequently, to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available for the products and services you've indicated are the most useful and important.  

The way we research companies will continue as normal so you can still rely on the quality of the data provided.


Website design and 'places to buy' links

Over the next few weeks you’ll also see some changes to the look and functionality of our unique Product Guide pages.

There are cosmetic changes to the look and feel of each guide especially the Score tables and Best Buy boxes. Also the customisation sliders will work much better on mobile devices. 

In addition, on many Guides there will be a ‘Place to buy’ section under the Best Buy information.

This is something we have had a lot of requests for, and will enable you to click straight through to online stores where you can buy some of our Best Buy and Recommended products. 

In some cases, these will be 'affiliate' links that potentially earn revenue for Ethical Consumer, but rest assured this has absolutely no bearing on our research or editorial policy, and we will always try to provide you with the most ethical buying option.  


You help shape what we do

As a multi-stakeholder co-operative we’ll continue to engage with and listen to our readers, for example with the popular 'readers choice' Issue where you select the Guides to be covered.

Together we are helping to grow the ethical market and to challenge corporate power.


If you have any questions or comments please get in touch via our contact form.










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