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Lush Spring Prize

Dec 6

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Lush Cosmetics and Ethical Consumer launch a new annual prize fund

The Lush Spring Prize will award £200,000 to projects around the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration. 


What is regeneration?

For many years, environmental practitioners and campaigners have focussed on the idea of sustainability – that we should be creating systems which use resources at a sustainable rate.


Image: Lush Prize

Photography: Steph Newton 


However, thinking is increasingly shifting towards the idea of regeneration. This takes as its starting point an assumption that many of our environments and societies are already damaged, and that sustaining these in a damaged state makes no sense. What we need is systems that can regenerate damaged environments – by putting back more than they take out.

Regenerative projects globally tend to embrace the values of permaculture design, agroecology and biomimicry. They strive to create closed loop systems that restore their own resources. You may have heard of ‘regenerative agriculture’ but many regenerative projects also work on issues like supporting solidarity, community cohesion and resilience, generating renewable resources, or restoring ecosystem functions.


The Lush Spring Prize 

The £200,000 annual prize fund will focus on those engaging in one of the four categories:

Table: Lush Spring Prize cateogories


How can people nominate themselves for a prize?

The project’s website contains more details about the prizes as well as application forms and background information. Nominations will close on February 28th 2017, and applications are welcomed from anywhere in the world.

A panel of judges will choose the winners from a shortlist in March 2017. The awards will be presented in May 2017 where we hope to gather a diverse group of stakeholders for a participatory conference at a high-profile and regenerative prize event.









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