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Hopes for 2017

Jan 6

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The team at Ethical Consumer share their hopes for the new year 


Tim, Co-editor and Director:

Image: Tim Hunt

"I have some high hopes for Ethical Consumer in 2017

We have been working hard to improve the reach of the organisation over recent years so that our research can have an even greater impact.

Our site now averages over 100,000 visits per month - that's a lot of people using our unique product guides.


However i'd like to get even more people making informed choices with the help of our guides.

We're now aiming to average 200,000 visits to the website per month.

You can all help make this happen by sharing our content on social media or forwarding our emails to friends and family.

The more people taking consumer action the more impact we will have in changing consumer markets for the benefit of people, animals and the environment."



Anna, Writer/Researcher:

Image: Anna"I look forward to seeing the LUSH Spring Prize evolve in its first year through the support of its judging panel, applicants and feedback received along the way.

I hope for the prize, even in this trial year, to reach a diverse group of applicants that are trying to move beyond the sustainable to create systems and projects that work in harmony with nature and each other.

In doing so, I hope for the prize to highlight inspiring and alternative ways of living, and for it to start creating a supportive network for regenerative projects around the world."



Harris, Writer/Researcher:

Image: Harris

"My hopes for 2017 lie with a growing number of visionary young people who are either wilfully rejecting or are variously excluded from employment in large, traditional, hierarchical, bureaucratic companies and instead are choosing to join together either in co-operatives or in other collaborative, deliberative and democratic organisational forms.


They are seeking both a higher purpose in work that goes beyond being virtually chained to a desk for half their lives in order for shareholders to pocket a dividend but also a different way of relating to their colleagues; a way that is truly democratic and respectful of their full humanity and so does no rely on the exercise of positional authority, coercion or fear.

They are probably still marginal but examples can already be found across sectors and countries, e.g. Buurtzorg (community care, Netherlands), GrantTree (grant funding support for tech start-ups, UK), Valve (computer games, USA), Effectory (employee engagement, Netherlands), Savics (medical software, Belgium)."


Ruth, Writer/Researcher:

Image: Ruth

"Inspired by the work we’ve been doing for the Lush Spring Prize (for social and environmental regeneration), I proposed we make a bit of a shift in the magazine to look more “Beyond Consumerism”… Beyond  disconnection, passivity, disposability, economic growth that devours life, the division between producers and consumers etc... 


Ethical Consumer has always encouraged alternatives to the excesses of consumerism, but everyone agreed we could focus more on this.  Participants in a workshop on anti-consumerism at our 2015 conference  had also encouraged it. 

I have only been at Ethical Consumer for two years, and didn’t know that  the magazine used to have a ‘Less is More’ page.

In 2017, we will be exploring a new “Beyond Consumerism” page, to include examples of money-less living, ways to engage more with making,  inspiring circular economy case studies, and more. If you have any suggestions, please contact". 


Further reading: see our review of 2016. 









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