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#FightFastFashion campaign

Jan 9

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This year ditch the high street and help us in the fight against fast fashion 

Last year, we launched our twitter campaign #FightFastFashion in opposition to the annual January sales, encouraging consumers to fight the urge to spend more cash and instead love the clothes that they are in. 

Drawing on the success of last year, we are running the campaign this week. 


Share our video on social media to help spread the word.

Why is it important?

Today fast fashion is having a devastating impact on the environment. 350,000 tonnes of clothing are ending up in landfill each year in the UK, making fashion the second biggest polluter in the world. 

Shoppers no longer have to wait half a year for new seasonal stock to sweep the shop, instead high street retailers have new garments arriving on a monthly and sometimes even weekly basis which has led to the worrying trend of ‘disposable fashion’. 

The fast fashion movement has encouraged the ideology that clothing has a short life cycle and can easily be replaced, it is no longer owned it is simply consumed and then discarded of quickly. 

Our recent research into high street clothing highlights how small steps have been made in tackling this alarming issue yet as a consumer you also have the opportunity to make a difference, by boycotting the high street in favour of charity shops, jumble sales and swap shops.                                                                                                     

Be part of the solution

Surprised by last year’s response we are running the campaign again this January to show that second-hand clothing can be a cheaper and more exciting alternative. 

We would love as many people to get involved as possible, so join our campaign and be part of the solution to #FightFastFashion, posting a picture of you in your favourite pre-loved or long loved clothing on twitter or instagram.


Alternatively if you don't have a social media account but want to get involved, email us your picture at  











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