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Everything you've ever done about climate change? Forget it.

Aug 12

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Our friends at the Camp for Climate Action tell us that this year's event has been the biggest yet, despite heavy handed policing


Our friends at the Camp for Climate Action tell us that this year's event has been the biggest yet, despite heavy handed policing that has drawn complaints from visiting Green MEP Caroline Lucas and MPs Norman Baker and Colin Challen.

The main event – the day of mass action at Kingsnorth Power Station - took place on Saturday August 8th. Read about the action, and the week's events, on the Climate Camp website


The idea of Climate Camp is two fold.


Firstly, bring the energy, creativity, enthusiasm and skills born out of the anti-roads movement of the mid-nineties to bare on the biggest issue of all time.


Secondly, to let the protest events themselves put into action all that has been learned over the years about sustainability, low carbon living, direct democracy and participative decision making.

In the run up police ransacked the site, confiscating subversive items like the water pipes the council were laying to deliver fresh water. Cooking got complicated on site because the police confiscated all the kitchen knives.


Last year hysterical press reports recounted non-existent hoax bomb threats from imaginary covens of eco-terrorists. This year we've been treated to reports of a “weapons stash” found near the camp. Hilariously, the police photo of the haul shows not only suspiciously new bolt cutters but “the War on Terror” board game. Don't know about you, but I've never heard of anyone round my way mugged by a scally wielding a dangerous board game before. (As the proud owner of said game I can with authority state the greatest danger it represents is getting a bit itchy when wearing the in-game balaclava with EVIL written across the front of it).

What is dangerous is the proposed new Kingsnorth coal plant. If built it will emit between 6 and 8 million tons of CO2 every year. Let's put that figure in context. If around half a million of us in the UK opted out of the carbon-intensive modern world and became hunter-gatherers in our local park, forgoing our carbon footprint for moral glory, raw food and wet socks, it would save a whole load of carbon, wouldn't it? Yes, it would, about 6 to 8 million tons.

So, everything you've ever done to help fight climate change, every low energy light bulb you've ever bought, every time you've trudged back from the shops in the rain rather than drive – forget it. Because of Kingsnorth.


Check out Ecotube for videos on Kingsnorth and the Camp for Climate Action.



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