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Palm oil free Easter eggs

Apr 4

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Four ethical Easter egg brands that are palm oil free

New research from Ethical Consumer has found four Easter egg brands that don’t use the controversial ingredient palm oil in their products.

The four brands are: 

  • Booja Booja
  • Cocoa Loco
  • Montezuma
  • Divine




A further two ethical brands, Plamil and Traidcraft, use palm oil but still score a best Ethical Consumer rating for palm oil as they use either organic or other certified palm oil. Traidcraft is particularly interesting as it has developed FairPalm, its own fairly traded palm oil from West Africa. Plamil’s palm oil is all certified organic, which gives a further degree of assurance on top of Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil certification. 

All the brands mentioned above are Ethical Consumer Best Buys in our guide to chocolate eggs.

A further 8 companies that we looked at scored either a middle rating or a worst rating. (See below for more)



Why we rate companies on palm oil 

We rate companies for palm oil use because of its association with massive deforestation, as well as human rights abuses, in Indonesia and Malaysia where over 80% of production takes place. 

Issues in this market persist despite the foundation of a palm oil certification scheme  to try and improve environmental and social standards in the industry (called the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – RSPO) Sadly this has been criticised for being far too weak. 



How we rate companies on palm oil

In our rating system, to get a best rating companies need to either not use palm oil at all, or they need to go “beyond the RSPO”, meaning that their palm products are certified and they have something extra as well, such as involvement in positive initiatives or organic certification.  If a company’s uses uncertified palm oil, it gets a worst rating. Those who fall between these two get a middle rating. 


How the companies score on palm oil

Below we show  which Easter egg companies are palm oil free, which are using palm oil in a positive way- helping to support more sustainable production- and which score our worst rating. 

Palm oil free:

  • Booja Booja
  • Cocoa Loco
  • Montezuma
  • Divine


Best Ethical Consumer rating:

  • Plamil
  • Tradicraft


Middle Ethical Consumer rating:

  • Thorntons
  • Lindt
  • Co-op
  • Mars
  • Cadbury


Worst Ethical Consumer rating:

  • Moo free
  • Hotel Chocolat
  • Nestle











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