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Ambassador, with all this deforestation you are really spoiling us!

Aug 20

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20/08/2008 11:31  RssIcon

Ferrero Rocher caves in to pressure from palm oil protestors.

Ferrero, makers of Nutella and of course Ferrero Rocher, is a large user of palm oil. Nutella was found to contain 31 per cent vegetable oil, and much of that was palm oil. Despite repeated requests from Greenpeace campaigners, Ferrero refused to reveal the names of its palm oil suppliers whilst saying it was dealing with the issue through its membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. It said it wasn’t willing to support the Unilever-led moratorium on forest destruction in South East Asia.


But just days after Greenpeace launched a cyber action against the company, Ferrero caved in and said they were now ready to support the moratorium on converting forest and peatland into oil palm plantations.
With two companies now on board, Greenpeace will continue to lobby more companies to build a coalition of businesses determined to reform the palm oil industry.



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Re: Ambassador, with all this deforestation you are really spoiling us!

Good!! So we can still eat Nutella with a clear conscience? So what will they use instead of palm oil? Or are they all words and no action?

By Diane on   26/08/2008 19:46

Re: Ambassador, with all this deforestation you are really spoiling us!

Great article. I recently read something else about palm oil and the destruction of orangutan's habitats in order to grow more of it not to mention it's pretty unhealthy stuff. How can I find out which other brands used palm oil? I love KitKats but read that they contain it so have had to rein in my habit! Is there a concise list of all the household and food products that contain palm oil so that I can avoid them? I've tried Googling it but didn't get very far...

By Amber on   31/01/2009 09:41


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