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Global Divestment Mobilisation

May 8

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People all over the world are taking action to divest their institutions from fossil fuels 


Friday 5 May marked the launch of 10 days of action for fossil fuel divestment worldwide as part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation. The campaign sees thousands of people putting pressure on institutions to divest from fossil fuels and to highlight the consequences of not doing so.


Carbon Divestment

The divestment campaign has had huge success to date, seeing almost 700 institutions, including the Church of England, Quakers in Britain and over a quarter of UK universities, representing almost US$5.5 trillion, moving their investments from fossil fuels. 



For example, the ‘Divest Parliament’ campaign is calling on the MPs' £612 million pension fund to end its investments in fossil fuels. The UK Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund (PCPF) made its major investments public for the first time ever in March 2017, and revealed millions of pounds’ worth of investments in fossil fuel companies. In 2016, £5.59 million of the MPs' money was invested in BP, while another £4.9 million was invested in Shell.

University College London is also being targeted by the Fossil Free UK campaign as it invests over £12.2 million in the fossil fuel industry, with investments in oil giants BP, Shell, and Tota.

See the Go Fossil Free website for events happening around the UK or resources to help you set up your campaign this Divestment week. 


Personal Carbon Divestment Campaign

One way to to take action this week is to divest your personal savings from banks refusing to #quitcoal. We have done all the research for you, so switching to positive alternatives has never been easier. 



For example, when it comes to savings accounts there are three banks actively investing in renewables: Triodos, Charity bank and Ecology Building Society:


Image: Divest your savings


See our Carbon Divestment campaign page for details on current accounts, investment funds and pensions. 

Rob Harrison, our expert on ethical finance, will be joining Triodos Bank, Ethex and for a webinar on positive investments. Tune into listen to this free webinar tomorrow (Tuesday 9th May, 3pm), which will tell consumers how to make informed choices to ensure positive investments. Register to listen here. 


Stop backing Fracking

Divestment week is also a chance to intensify pressure on the key players driving the carbon economy. Sum of Us are targetting Barclays. Barclays owns Third Energy, a fracking firm set to start drilling in Yorkshire, which could disrupt the residents and destroy a local village with 24-hour drilling and air, noise and light pollution. 

Sum of Us will deliver a petition, this Wednesday to Barclays' AGM calling on it to stop backing fracking and pull out of Third Energy. Sign the petition now. 



Find out more about our Carbon Divestment Campaign and ways to switch to a bank investing in Renewables. 








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