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Sugar and Salt in Baked Beans

May 17

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We compare 34 different brands in our recent research into Baked Beans 

We have just completed a survey of 34 brands of baked beans and compared their salt and sugar levels. High salt consumption is linked to a range of health problems including stroke and heart disease, whilst high sugar is linked to obesity and tooth decay.

Image: Baked Beans


The levels of salt and sugar in baked beans are of particular concern because they can be a mainstay of many people’s diets, especially children.

The survey found that:

  • The brand with the highest levels of sugar had over 6 times that of the lowest brand
  • Out of the worst 6 brands for sugar, 4 were organic brands
  • For a portion of Heinz baked beans an adult gets 39% of their recommended daily intake
  • None of the brands would be classed as low salt, not even those marketing themselves as ‘reduced salt’
  • Of the 10 worst brands for salt, 6 of them were organic brands
  • Morrisons was the only brand to charge more for its healthier variety
  • There is a distinct mark-up by the supermarkets and major brands for their organic varieties


See our ethical shopping guide to Baked Beans to see a fully survey and comparison table. Alternatively you can download a PDF of the survey here









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