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Jun 16

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The companies most frequently advertising in The Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun


Research by the campaign organisation Stop Funding Hate found that UK supermarkets, TV, phone & internet companies and the UK government are among the most prominent advertisers in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Sun.

The Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Sun have adopted hate and hostility towards scapegoated groups of people as their business model, according to campaign group Stop Funding Hate.

They use inflammatory and prejudicial headlines to attract attention and sell copies. Companies advertising in their pages reinforce and maintain this business model. The Stop Funding Hate campaign asks consumers to put pressure on companies to withdraw their advertising from these newspapers.



The three tabloids have been named in statements and reports by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for their contribution to “decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion”.

The Sun and the Daily Mail in particular have been identified as “uniquely” hostile towards refugees and migrants relative to the media studied in five other European countries.


Frequent advertisers 

Research conducted by Stop Funding Hate found that the most frequent advisers in the three tabloids have been supermarkets and TV, phone and internet companies.

Seven supermarket chains feature in the top-10 list of the most frequent advertisers. Discount retailer Aldi tops this list while places four to nine are taken by Morrisons, the Co-op, Iceland, Lidl, Tesco and Marks & Spencer’s respectively. The remaining three positions are filled by  BT, DFS and LV, in that order. 


Image: Dailymail

Advertisement in the Daily Mail


Sainsbury’s and ASDA, while not in the top-10 list of most frequent advertises across all three tabloids, were amongst the 10 most frequent advertisers in The Sun (and The Sun on Sunday) and the Daily Mail (and the Mail on Sunday) respectively.

BT is a top advertiser across the tabloids while Virgin Media and Sky are amongst the top advertisers in The Sun and the Sun on Sunday.

The results of the research by Stop Funding Hate drew on: 44 days worth of data for The Sun/The Sun on Sunday; 107 days worth of Daily Express/Sunday Express data; and, 89 days worth of Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday data

In their recent submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Fake News, Stop Funding Hate noted that the UK government is itself a major advertiser spending over £3.2 million in the last financial year:

“For the financial year 2015/2016, the government spent over £893,000 on advertising with the Daily Mail – along with more than £564,000 in the Mail on Sunday and over £504,000 with the Mail Online. They spent over £844,000 with the Sun, and more than £399,000 with the Sun on Sunday.” 


Web adverts

Aside from their printed editions, Stop Funding Hate also targets companies whose adverts appear on the websites of the tabloids. Stop Funding Hate recently asked people who support its cause and have Twitter accounts to use the tactic pioneered by the Sleeping Giants campaign, which has so far persuaded 2,000 advertisers to stop advertising on the controversial website Breitbart:

  • 1. Go to an inflammatory article on the Mail, Sun or Express website and take a screenshot. [Make sure to include the advertisement appearing near the article.]
  • 2. Tweet the advertiser with a copy of the screenshot, and a polite and friendly message highlighting where their advertisement is appearing.
  • 3. CC @StopFundingHate in your tweet, to help us keep track. If the company has a hashtag that it regularly uses (for example #TheCoopWay or #SpendItWell) please include that too.


Companies often do not know which websites their online adverts appear on as they buy on-line advertising through intermediaries (e.g. Google). However, they can ask the intermediary to block their ads from appearing on particular websites and thus stopping their money being passed on that website.

Recently, consumer pressure by social media users supporting the Stop Funding Hate convinced internet provider Plusnet to block its ads from appearing on the Sun website. 



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