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Want to run a workshop at our annual conference?

Jul 12

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Ethical Consumer Conference 2017:

 “Challenging corporate power in a changing political landscape”

Are corporations now ruling the planet?  Do we need to get them out of politics or could some of them be allies in our renewed battle against the rise of racism, intolerance and climate denial?  


Date: October 20th 2017 

Venue: Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre, London EC2A 3EA




Want to run a workshop at our 2017 conference?

Every year Ethical Consumer runs a series of discussion groups and interactive workshops at our annual conference. This year we have ideas for ten workshops, but want to open up the remaining two to you - our readers and supporters.

We are seeking ideas and facilitators to run the remaining two workshops at this year's conference entitled: “Challenging corporate power in a changing political landscape".

Workshops need to be one hour in length; should be interactive and suitable for between 20- 30 people; and should explore a topic related to the conference's theme.

Our favourite two ideas will be selected and the facilitator will be invited to attend the conference for free, all expenses paid, and will receive a digital annual subscription to Ethical Consumer. 

Your idea pitch should be a maximum of 500 words.

the deadline for submissions is 31st August 5:00pm.

Send us your ideas via our contact forms.





Visit our 2017 conference page for more information and to buy a ticket >










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