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Corporate Days Shooting Campaign

Aug 10

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The response to our campaign calling on UK businesses to publicly distance themselves from corporate grouse shooting days 


On 5 August we released the results of our research into companies buying grouse shooting days. We circulated a short five-question survey to 189 UK companies. 

Since then, we have had some positive responses from a number of businesses. 


Image: Grouse


For example, High Street retailer New Look stated that:

“Following our commitment to respecting the environment and animal welfare throughout our operations and supply chain, we find this campaign in alignment with our values and corporate standards.

New Look will not pay for driven grouse shooting ‘Corporate Days’.”


"Corporate Bullying" 

However, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation have issued a release (10/8/17) challenging the veracity of the data in our research.

Ethical Consumer are always meticulous in our work around corporate statements. We have documentary evidence of positive communications around our grouse survey for each company on the positive list..

Not all replied to the online survey but all either emailed or engaged in twitter conversations around the subject.  The full text of these discussions have been made publicly available to defend our position.

It is true that Waitrose and Whitbread have contacted us and asked us to remove their logos from the positive list we have been circulating.  We have done this, though it is very unusual for a company which appears on one of our 'positive buy lists' to ask for its name to be removed in this way.

It speaks volumes for the power and resources of the shooting lobby which, ironically, accuses Ethical Consumer and Chris Packham of "Corporate Bullying" in its press release.

Encouragingly, it is not all one way traffic, with the Co-operative Bank and Centrica (British Gas)  among the companies today clarifying their positions in support of the campaign.


Find out more about our Grouse Campaign here. 









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