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Organic September

Sep 4

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Soil Association launches its month-long campaign to promote the importance of organic produce 


Organic September’ encourages consumers to buy from organic producers and brands striving for a more environmentally friendly and fair food system. 



To label something as ‘organic’ means it must meet a set of European standards such as:

  • no genetically modified crops and ingredients
  • the use of pesticides is severely restricted
  • artificial chemical fertilisers are prohibited
  • farm animal welfare is paramount 



Where can I find organic products?

Image: Soil Association


In the UK for a product to be labelled organic, at least 95% of its ingredients has to be sourced from organically produced plants and animals.

The Soil Association is the most recognisable organic label in the UK, so look out for products with its logo. 



Ethical Consumer always recommends buying organic products in our shopping guides and they are signalled on each scoretable with a [O] next to the brand name. 


Five Organic Brands

Below we list five ethical companies that are either 100% organic companies or they sell a good range of organic products. 


Image: 5 Organic Brands



Geo Organics and Organica

Venture Foods is an independent, family business which sells only vegetarian products. It has two organic brands Geo Organics and Organica. 

You can find Geo Organics in our product guide to Baked Beans and Organica in our guide to Chocolate Bars

They also offer a range of products that don’t feature in our product guides. This includes tinned soups, peanut butter, sauces and syrups. 


Mr Organic

As you could guess from its name, Mr Organic offers 100% organic products. All the products are vegan and Best Buy recommendations in our product guides. Mr Organic sells Baked Beans, PulsesTinned Tomatoes, and Cooking Oils


Biona Organic 

Biona is another 100% organic brand that focuses on using sustainable farming methods. 

They have an extensive range of organic products, many featuring in our guides. These include Tinned Fruit, Jam, Rice, Cereal and Biscuits


Essential Trading Co-operative

Essential Trading is a workers’ co-operative. All Essential products are vegetarian or vegan, GM-free and have no unnecessary additives. Many of its products are organic such as its Coconut Oil, Herbal Teas, Cereals and Tinned Pulses


Equal Exchange 

Equal Exchange is another vegetarian workers’ co-operative that works with a range of farming communities to ensure fair and transparent trade. All its products are Fairtrade.

They have many organic products featuring Coffee, Olive Oil and Honey




See our feature: why buy organic for the top 5 reasons for buying organic









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