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We Want Tap!

Sep 3

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A new campaign is trying to get people to drink tap water instead of bottled water.

Update 2016: this company is nolonger running. 


A new campaign has been set up by a business called Tap whose mission is to get people to rethink bottled water and turn to tap water.

Bottled water is the ultimate symbol of a non-sustainable and disposable society. Although the UK has amongst the best tap water in the world, British consumers spend over £1.5 billion a year on bottled water and discard 3 billion plastic bottles, only 10% of which are recycled. Bottled water is also very expensive compared to tap water and leaves a huge carbon footprint from its manufacturing, bottling and transport.

In an effort to give tap water an image makeover and make it appeal to brand conscious consumers, Tap have launched a DIY bottled water labelling kit which consists of self adhesive labels you can stick to your empty water bottles and then fill them up with tap water. Tap hopes that it will do for tap water what Anya Hyndmarch did for reusable bags – making an environmentally friendly choice into a fashion statement.
Tap was launched by ethical communications agency Provokateur in association with Belu, the bottled water company. Provokateur has worked with Greenpeace, BUAV, Action Aid, Oxfam etc. Belu was a Best Buy when we did our bottled water report.



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Re: We Want Tap!

I think this is agreat idea, I have never understood the selling and bottling of water. I was brought up from tap water as many other people i am sure were. This also aids the ability to fight germs off aswell, keeping your imune system well. We need to impliment more strategies like this in more products to make companies think of their affects on the world around us, not just making a profit.

By Anonymous on   16/03/2009 11:24


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