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Sep 28

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We showcase 10 ethical bloggers  


Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of conscious bloggers hoping to influence their readers and to challenge consumers to think more about where they spend their cash. 


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Earlier this month we ran a competition alongside Ethical Hour’s bloggers network to give away ten free subscriptions to ten of the best ethical bloggers. 

Here we showcase the winning blogs:


Rae Ritchie

Rae is a freelance writer and blogger who regularly contributes to Grazia, The Ethicalist and Mental Health Today.  Her topics vary from ethical fashion and beauty to mindful living and dealing with mental health issues. 


Image: Rae Ritchie


‘Whether in the past of the preset, I’m interested in how people make sense of themselves and their lives. My own signposts for living are connection, adventure and abundance’. - Rae Ritchie

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Monsoon of Random

Lynsey advocates an ethical and vegan lifestyle on her blog. You can find a wide range of articles on top ethical products, vegan recipes, food reviews and interviews with ‘ethical people’. 


Image: Monsoon of Random


‘I’ve designed this (blog) as a resource for all things ethical.’ ‘I’d love to change the world, one person at a time’. - Lynsey 

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Jenny Marie

Jenny writes her blog from Manchester, and talks about her vegan lifestyle, mental health issues and chronic and invisible illness (she suffers from ME).  


Image: Jenny Marie


‘I am passionate about body positivity and fat positivity, and pro-intersectional, diverse and inclusive veganism.’ Jenny

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World Threads Traveller

Cait set up her eco fashion blog in 2014 as a space to explore the fashion world ‘through the lens of human rights issues in the current fast fashion industry’. 


Image: World Threats Traveler


World Threads Traveler promotes sustainable brands and thrift shops, a whole section labelled ‘eco-education’ for tips and advice on eco fashion as well as a section on lifestyle, beauty and eco-travel. 

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The Quirky Queer

Izzy describes her site as a ‘friendly activist blog’ mainly focused on ethical fashion but dabbling in sustainable travel, cruelty-free beauty’. 


Image: Quirky Queer


As well as having articles focused on fashion, travel and beauty, Izzy also has put together ‘ethical lists’ to help readers connect with conscious brands. 

‘This blog is about learning, about trying to make more conscious choices, while highlighting people doing wonderful things for the world. It is a non-judgemental space that serves as a place to learn and grow.’ Izzy 

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Earth and Water

Savannah writes her blog from Alabama, and its focuses on ‘improving ourselves to improve the world’.


Image: Earth and Water


She is a life coach by day and uses her blog to promote a healthy and organic lifestyle with an emphasis on mindfulness. She uses her blog to help ‘connecting great people so that together we can all make the world a better place’. 

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Leah, uses this platform to offer resources on all things ethical, sustainable, eco-conscious and fairtrade. She also has a directory dedicated to clothing, shoes, household and personal care. 


Image: Style Wise


StyleWise is a ‘place for conscious consumers and social justice advocates from all walks of life to be encouraged and challenged in our journey together.’ - Leah

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Thimble End

Victoria’s blog is about ethical living and sustainable sewing. She began sewing after she had children and has a section on her site dedicated to crafts and tips on sewing.


Image: Thimble End


‘I believe that a life with craft is a necessity; an antidote to modern living and a welcome escape from life. I also believe in sustainable, ethical choices that look after both the environment and people, and so Thimble End is my place to bring those things together’ Victoria. 

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Take it Up Wear it Out

Elly is a costume maker and vintage fashion enthusiast who writes about the importance of upcycling. She provides tips on how to refashion your clothes and resisting fast fashion. 


Image: Take it up wear it out


‘Your clothes can be armour, a comfort blanket, a disguise, an advert. Seeing my clothes as possibility rather than dreary, disposable items encourages me to look after them: wash them carefully, mend them where possible, wage war on moths that might try to eat them and look forward to wearing them again’  - Elly. 

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The Sustainable Edit

The Sustainable Edit offers advice on capsule wardrobes, beauty, minimalism and simple living. Jen  who set up the blog claims that ‘this isn’t a glossy fashion blog but a real person sharing real everyday fashion with real people’. 


Image: sustainable edit


‘You will find advice and support on integrating slow fashion and slow living into your lifestyle without the overwhelm’ - Jen.  

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