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Nov 14

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New podcast looking at the fashion industry


Welcome to Ethical Consumer's latest podcast looking at the clothing industry and fast fashion.

'The clothing industry is a phenomenon. It is a really good example of how an industry can go wrong when profit is valued above all else. Both products, and people and the planet are treated as disposable.’


Listen to the podcast below:



Juliet Glennie talks supply chains, sustainable fashion and our latest guide to clothing, with:

  • Samantha - Senior Labour Rights Researcher at the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
  • Charlotte Instone Founder of Ethical Consumer Best Buy clothes brand Know the Origin.
  • Dr Kevin Brigden a researcher and campaigner at Greenpeace
  • Heather Webb - Researcher and writer at Ethical Consumer magazine
  • Anna Clayton - Researcher and writer Ethical Consumer magazine


To find out more read our unique guide to the fashion industry. You can find other podcasts and talks from our conference on our soundcloud










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