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Black Friday

Nov 22

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Think before you buy this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Black Friday is showing no signs of slowing down, with shoppers spending a record £5.8 billion in 2016. 

This year, companies are already cashing in on this consumer frenzy by promoting ‘pre-Black Friday’ sales.




Social and Environmental consequences

While thousands hit the streets or the web in pursuit of a bargain, it’s the planet that picks up the tab. This mindless consumption is devastating for our planet, as cheap goods often end up on landfill sites only a few months later. 

Our current levels of consumption are unsustainable and unequal. We are pillaging the earth’s resources while failing to cut climate emissions and at the same time many people, often those producing the goods we buy, don’t have enough for a decent life.


Where is the profit really going? 

Sadly it is often the least ethical companies that are reaping the biggest profits from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

For example, tax avoidance is prevalent amongst those that do best out of these new marketing campaigns. As more consumers stay indoors and shop for bargains online instead, it is the online giants that are benefiting the most.


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Amazon, eBay and Apple, which all score worst in our anti-social finance category for likely use of tax avoidance, are usually among the big winners. 

Amazon is largely responsible for bringing Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the UK in 2010, and has dominated the event ever since. In 2015, Amazon accounted for 36% of all online sales on Cyber Monday. 

We continue to run a boycott against Amazon, for its persistent tax avoidance.

See our alternatives to Amazon guide, to help you avoid the online giant this Black Friday and beyond. 


Boycott the event? 

Our Ethical Markets Report, due to be released in early December, shows a 13% increase from last year in shoppers avoiding buying products from tax avoiding companies

Black Friday is dominated by large multi-nationals who can afford to slash prices -(partly as a result of their tax avoidance strategies). Therefore if you do feel the urge to spend some cash over the long weekend then we suggest you buy from ethical businesses trying to make a positive impact on people and the planet.  

#EthicalHour, an online support network for ethically-focused businesses, bloggers and consumers has launched a campaign encouraging everyone to #shopethicalinstead this Black Friday. 

So this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, think before you buy, and only give your hard-earned cash to socially responsible companies. 



See our guide to Ethical Online Retailers to help you avoid Amazon. 









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