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Hopes For 2018

Dec 28

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The Ethical Consumer Team share their hopes for 2018 

The Ethical Consumer team run through their hopes for 2018 and it appears that animal rights and wildlife conservation are at the forefront of their thinking.  


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In 2018 I hope to keep spreading the word about ethical consumerism to a wider audience.

In May 2018 we will be putting on a conference titled 'Fighting Racism through Ethical Consumption'. We will release more information on this shortly. 

We are also building a new website that allows users to share content more easily.  





I want more people to boycott Amazon and to shop local instead. I hope we can revitalize our boycott campaign to help spread the word about its dodgy tax practices and workers' rights abuses. 






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I was delighted with the news before Christmas that UK's workplace pension fund will now be allowed to dump fossil fuel investments more easily and that the World Bank will soon cease to invest in fossil fuels.

These are two big wins for the carbon divestment movement, which gives me some hope for the future.

I woud really like to see this momentum build further in 2018 and for carbon divested funds to become the norm rather than the exception. 




Image: Anna Anna


I would like to see the questions raised by the 2016 (and soon to be released 2018) optics report to be discussed openly among the conservation and wildlife watching community, and for one of the companies with no links to hunting (Canon, Kenko, Olympus and Visionary) to faciliate this process by producing a policy on sports hunting sponsorship and appropriate marketing. 




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The Fair Tax Mark has some exciting new plans for 2018. I can't say too much about it now, but I hope Fair Tax Mark will have a much higher profile in the year to come. 

Would a change of government be too much to hope for too I wonder!



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That real and sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging become commonplace.








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I hope that there can be an agreement in 2018 on a worldwide ban on the animal testing of cosmetics. Even though it is banned in Europe, it is still legal in 80% of the world. 

We will continue to highlight companies in our guides that use these outdated tests. We will also support researchers and organisations fighting animal testing via our annual partnership with Lush Cosmetics on the Lush Prize Awards




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 Mackenzie Denyer

In 2018 I hope that we start to treat our wildlife with more respect in the UK. A good start would be a complete ban of all forms of bloodsport and a cessation of the badger cull. Until that time, we will continue to give them a voice by campaigning on their behalf. 





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