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New Year's Resolutions

Dec 29

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The Ethical Consumer team share their New Year's Resolutions

We've asked some of the Ethical Consumer team to tell us their New Year's Resolutions and it seems that reducing plastic use is a major theme.  


Image: Fran


My resolution is to be more organised with food shopping so I don't have to shop at supermarkets.






Image: Jo



I bought a family member a plastic 'infuser' drinking bottle for Christmas and I am now wracked with guilt about it.

Next year I will buy no new plastic! I also want to drastically reduce the amount of plastic in my food shopping. I long ago eliminated single-use plastic bags from my regular shop but I'm going to have to work harder to get rid of all the plastic food packaging.

See our blog on how to cut out single-use plastic for tips and advice. 



Image: Tim


My New Year's resolution is to keep practicing yoga and meditation. Both have been really beneficial to me over the past few months and I'd recommend them to anyone.

I'm going to try and persuade my colleagues to let me do a  product guide to ethical yoga mats so watch this space...





After filming at a few dairy farms for our milk video, I left feeling guilty for eating so much dairy. While I have been a vegetarian for about 5 years, I eat a hefty amount of cheese (most meals involve cheese).

I want to switch to dairy-free milk and cut down my cheese intake drastically.




Image: Anna 


I am going to try and go plastic free this year.








Image: Rob 


I hope to keep out of hospital more in 2018 thereby enabling me to make more posts on my excellent new website Dangerous Machines (shameless plug)!






Image: Jane

My New Year's resolution is to never buy any bottled water.

I will always carry my reusable Jerry bottle filled with tap water and get it refilled when I am out.

I only used to buy bottled sparkling water but my resolution is to stop

buying that and get a Soda Siphon so that I can make my own.

See our guide to Bottled Water where we explore the problem with plastic in more detailed. 





Image: Mac


My new year's resolution is to get rid of my car and go back to using public transport and my bike.








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