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#FightFastFashion Campaign

Jan 2

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Ditch the January sales and learn to love the clothes you are in 

Our annual social media campaign kicks off first week of January encouraging consumers to avoid buying in the January sales. 

Mindless consumption is just as dangerous for the environment as it is for our pockets.


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Why is it important? 

350,000 tonnes of clothing are ending up in landfill each year in the UK, making fashion the second biggest polluter in the world. 

Shoppers no longer have to wait half a year for new seasonal stock to sweep the shop, instead high street retailers have new garments arriving on a monthly and sometimes even weekly basis which has led to the worrying trend of ‘disposable fashion’. 

The fast fashion movement has encouraged the ideology that clothing has a short life cycle and can easily be replaced, it is no longer owned it is simply consumed and then discarded of quickly. 

Our recent guide to high street clothing retailers shows that 'fast' fashion is here to stay as brands aren't doing enough to combat this throwaway culture. It is consumers who can make a difference, by avoiding the high street where possible, and buying secondhand from charity shops, jumble sales or even swap shops. 


Be part of the solution

This is the third year we are running our campaign to highlight how second-hand clothing is a cheaper and just as exciting alternative. 

Have you got a favourite item of clothing you have cherished for years? Or are you proud of a bargain you picked up at a charity shop? Take to social media and post your favourite item and be sure to include #FightFastFashion so we can share your post! 

Alternatively if you don't have a social media account but want to get involved, email us your picture to  


Twitter: EC_Magazine

Instagram: ethical_consumer_magazine 


Please share our video on social media and together we can #FightFastFashion




Campaign so far

Do you want to take part in our campaign but lack inspiration? We have had a great response on both Twitter and Instagram so far, many people have committed to our #FightFastFashion campaign and have shared personal stories behind their favourite items of long loved or preloved clothing. See some responses below:





See our ethical shopping guide to High Street Clothing Retailers 









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