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Stop Funding Hate call for Co-op Group Motion

Feb 23

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Campaigners and members demand an ethical advertising policy  

Stop Funding Hate are scoping out the possibility of proposing a formal motion to the Co-op Group’s May 2018 AGM on developing a responsible advertising policy.

The Stop Funding Hate campaign wants big companies to drop adverts from newspapers which spread hatred, division and xenophobia. 

Its latest target is The Co-op Group because it is one of the UK’s leading ethical brands and Co-op Food and Co-op Insurance advertise regularly in the Daily Express.

In 2016, the Daily Express was named by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in a statement condemning “decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion” by the UK media.


Stop Funding Hate founder Richard Wilson said:

“This is one of the UK’s leading ethical brands – a company renowned for putting principles before profit. For a business like this to be helping finance the anti-migrant campaigns of the Daily Express just seemed like a complete mismatch.”



Proposing a resolution to the Co-op Group – Can you help?

In order to propose a formal resolution at the AGM they need the hard copy signatures of more than 100 active members (for example those who use a Co-op discount card in their stores).  A copy of the proposed motion appears below.

If you are a member, and would like to help them to propose this motion, please download and print a copy of the motion.  It will then need mailing to Stop Funding Hate, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN by Feb 28th.

Download, print and sign the motion >




Our work with Stop Funding Hate

Ethical Consumer been working with Stop Funding Hate to estimate how much companies are spending on adverts in the three papers.

 Our latest piece of research covered the six-week period from Monday 9th October to Monday 20th November and was timed for Christmas.

Read more about our research with Stop Funding Hate >



The Co-op Group Motion in full. 

Responsible advertising (Co-op Group Motion)

This AGM notes the concern from the United Nations and hate crime experts that some media outlets in the UK are fuelling and legitimising prejudice and an increase in hate crime. 

The Co-operative Group has responded positively to member concerns on this issue and has introduced an advertising policy to “challenge those views expressed in print which we and many of our members believe are incompatible with our values” and “use our contacts with publishers at every level to make the case for change".

The Co-operative Group leads the way on meaningful social responsibility policies, including open and honest reporting on impact. 

We call upon the Board to review the impact of the current policy and report to members: the specific issues publications have been engaged on; the impact of this engagement; and processes by which impact is monitored. 

If the Board’s review finds it unable to report impact, we ask it to prepare an ethical advertising policy that puts controls in place to ensure adverts do not appear in media that are incompatible with co-operative ethics, values and principles. We ask the Board to report on progress to the AGM in 2019.



You can keep up to date with Stop Funding Hates Co-op Group campaign by joining their Co-op Group campaign mailing list > 












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