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CTRLshift: An Emergency Summit for Change.

Feb 28

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Progressive post Brexit action

Ethical Consumer will join hundreds of change-makers at the CTRL Shift summit in March 2018.

The aim: To create a coherent voice and a collective action plan for positive change in the UK. Should you be there too?

Why now?

Brexit is often seen as representative of deep divides that exist in our country but the CTRLshift Summit aims to bring people together to create the connections needed to not only form a positive vision for the future, but also to take decisive action towards it.

The event will be held on the first anniversary (27th - 29th March 2018) of the declaration of article 50, marking a time of unprecedented, rapid change and opportunity. Combined with unfolding social and environmental crises means we are in the midst of a true emergency. One that needs a rapid and coherent response.

Dan Hurring, event coordinator for the Permaculture Association and partner in CTRLshift explains:

“This Summit is seen as the beginning of a process for change, rather than a single standalone event. The event is the jumping off point for what we intend will be a movement building process which could stretch across many years. We’re building here on inspiring and powerful work already done by others.”



The CTRL summit will be attended by representatives from a broad range of fields including social justice, solidarity economics, open democracy, food sovereignty, cooperative and environment justice movements. Ethical Consumer is attending as a media partner, whilst also representing our mission’s aims and work which span many of these fields.

Joining Ethical Consumer as partners are representatives of many organisations including:

  • Social Enterprise UK,
  • Co-ops UK,
  • Permaculture Association
  • Transition Network,
  • Community Energy England
  • and many more >

Co-organiser, Local Futures commented:
“We urgently need to shift direction away from a global corporate-driven growth economy towards place-based economies in service of people and planet.

Creative, cross-sector collaboration is required to unite diverse groups in the building of a movement powerful enough to turn the tide. The CTRLshift summit is an excellent opportunity to join together in favour of a new and just economy, to exchange strategies and build alliances for systemic change.”



The event is being held in Wigan because of its position as one of the many “Brexit Towns” – a place that voted strongly to leave the EU. It recognises that many of these places are often not well represented in the politics of Westminster, as so the CTRL Shift summit aims to challenge this.
EVENT:     CTRLshift: And Emergency Summit for Change
LOCATION:    The Edge Conference Centre, Riveredge, Wigan
DATE:        27-29 March 2018


Find out more on the CTRL Shift website >



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