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Celebrating Regeneration

May 23

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11 projects announced as the winners of the 2018 Lush Spring Prize for environmental and social regeneration


The winners of the LUSH Spring Prize 2018 were announced as part of a three day event taking place at Emerson College in East Sussex and at Beak Street in London.

The prizes were awarded across four categories: Intentional, Young, Established and Influence, and were chosen by a diverse panel of judges.

Choosing the ‘winning projects’ was extremely difficult as all 53 shortlisted projects deserved support.


Image: Lush Spring Prize


Julia Wright, Spring Prize Judge, commented:

“Being a Judge for the Lush Spring Prize is an honour and also very humbling and overwhelming, when we see the fantastic, altruistic and heart-led work that people are doing all over the world, in the face of the worst adversities.

They – and countless more- should all get a prize, and not just a prize but committed support, which is what LUSH is attempting in such a pioneering way. We all hope for a perfect world, but until then, this is an exemplary beacon of hope”. 


The 11 winners, which come from all over the world and work in a range of different fields, are: 


Table: Lush Spring Prize winners 


African Biodiversity Network was one of two winners in the Influence category- aimed at shifting the context we are all working in to be more supportive of regenerative work. It grew out of a commitment to nurture a new leadership in Africa, dedicated to enhancing biological and cultural diversity, and social and ecological justice. It uses exchange programs, training and knowledge-sharing to strengthen rights, policy and legislation.


African Biodiversity Network from Lush Spring Prize on Vimeo.


A particular focus is the empowering of indigenous and local communities across Africa to revive their bio-cultural diversity and& protect their sacred natural sites and& territories.

Simon Mitambo of African Biodiversity Network said

“Winning the Lush Spring Prize means that the work we are doing with communities to protect Sacred Natural Sites and to regenerate our biodiversity and ecosystems really matters globally.”

Pre-awards event

The Spring Prize event was split across two locations, with the first half taking place at Emerson College, which is surrounded by organic farms and demonstrates the regenerative practices embedded in parts of the English rural economy.


Image: Lush Spring Prize


This event was designed to give members and beneficiaries of the winning projects the opportunity to share their stories, expertise and ideas in an inclusive and collaborative environment. Also attending the event were the judges, and representatives of UK organisations selected for their relevance to the winner’s projects.

What is the LUSH Spring Prize?

The LUSH Spring Prize was set up to support ‘regenerative’ projects – those which go beyond sustainability by taking holistic approaches to restoring degraded land and communities. It seeks to support those who are actively involved in restoring all the systems they are part of.

By supporting regenerative projects the Spring Prize hopes to raise the profile of the movement as a whole to inspire more individuals, groups and communities to start the regenerative process. The LUSH Spring Prize is a joint venture between LUSH Cosmetics and Ethical Consumer. It ran its first cycle in 2017 and, due to its success, is back this year as an annual prize fund. 


See the Lush Spring Prize website for more information. 









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