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Sep 19

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Nestle infiltrates NGO in Switzerland


The Swiss campaign group, ATTAC, has launched a legal action against Nestlé and Securitas after it was revealed that the world's largest food company had hired a spy to infiltrate the group, from the summer of 2003 until the summer of 2004, while it was preparing a book exposing Nestlé company practices.

As a co-author, the spy had complete access to the group's documentation and to all Attac's email contacts around the world, including information on union members in Colombia fighting for workers-rights in Nestle plants.

Although Nestlé claimed in a statement that the spy was sent to check whether Nestlé buildings were to be targeted during the G8 summit in Evian in 2003, ATTAC points out that the spy only joined their group some time after the G8 was over.


According to the co-ordinators of the Nestlé boycott in the UK, Baby Milk Action, "We have had our own concerns about possible underhand activities in the past, such as when students informed us that when Nestlé came to speak at their college they were approached by people claiming to be from Baby Milk Action and wanting to speak about their plans for promoting the boycott. Baby Milk Action was not informed of the event and had sent no-one."


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