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Nestle tries to hi-jack boycott site

Sep 30

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Baby Milk Action has refused to hand over a domain name to Nestle.


Campaign group, Baby Milk Action, has refused to transfer a domain name to Nestlé as demanded by Nestle's lawyers just days before Nestle-Free Week.


Nestlé demanded the domain name initially publicised forthe Nestlé's Action site ( be transferred to it by 29 September, arguing it was an infringement of the Swiss name of the company, Nestlé S.A.


The website, which gives an overview of concerns about Nestlé business activities is to be launched on 4 October, the start of this year's International Nestlé-Free Week and the 20th anniversary of the launch of a boycott of Nestlé over its aggressive marketing of baby milk. The site has the theme: "Nestlé's actions speak louder than its words" and experts provide independent analysis of various aspects of Nestlé's business including baby milk marketing, treatment of workers, child slavery in its cocoa supply chain, destruction of water resources etc.


In their bid to close the site, Nestlé's lawyers attempted to argue it was "passing off" as an official Nestlé website and attempted to assert copyright over a boycott image that has been in use for most of the 20 years of the boycott and the colours used on the website, in all their shades.

Mike Brady said: "I totally reject Nestlé's pretence that the site breaches Nestlé copyright and the absurd idea that it was "passing off" as a company site - its purpose is clearly stated and people are directed to Nestlé's own site to read its claims. I question why Nestlé wanted to seize the domain name just days before the official launch of the site. We don'tknow what Nestlé would put on the domain and have good reason to be suspicious, so we have refused to hand it over."


While retaining ownership of the domain name demanded by Nestlé, the site launch is going ahead with the information on the site unchanged using the domain name:






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