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Human Billboard!

Oct 2

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02/10/2008 14:11  RssIcon

Why do we buy clothes that advertise brands? They should be paying us!


For 10 or 15 years, Neil Boorman has been wearing an Adidas T-shirt and now it's payback time. No more free advertising for Adidas. If a sportswear company like Adidas spends $150 million on advertising worldwide, surely they can spare a few pennies for us?


View the video on YouTube as Neil tries to deliver an invoice for £10,000 to Adidas.

Neil Boorman is the author of 'Bonfire of the Brands', a book and website about brand addiction and how to live a brand-free life.




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Re: Human Billboard!

I also hate the way companies do massive giveaways of 'free' stuff, just a very cheap but effective marketing ploy - who says no to something that's free?

Love this idea though, good one Neil!

By Tracey H on   06/10/2008 15:41

Re: Human Billboard!

As far as human billboards are concerned Dan Kraska the walking human billboard is worth his weight in advertiseing! This guy takes his advertising to the next level. This gentlemen go above and beyond everyone else calling themselves human billboards. If any companies lucky enough to get him to advertise,has a gold mine! Tho very hard to reach is worth the time and effort as he out ranks anyone in todays market The walking human billboard..

By Red Baron on   12/02/2010 14:38


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