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Campaigners Close Down Bomb Factory

Oct 21

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21/10/2008 08:49  RssIcon

Ongoing campaign at factory making military components for US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Israeli army.


350 demonstrators took to the streets calling for the closure of EDO MBM/ITT, a factory in Brighton manufacturing military components for use by US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Israeli army in Palestine. The factory was forced to close for the day.


There has been active campaign against the presence of EDO MBM in Brighton since the outbreak of the Iraq war. Campaigners include students, Quakers , Palestine solidarity activists, anti-capitalists and academics.


EDO MBM Technologies Ltd are the sole UK subsidiary of huge U.S weapons manufacturer EDO Corp. From their base in Moulescoomb Brighton, EDO MBM manufacture vital parts for the Hellfire and Paveway weapons systems, laserguided missiles used extensively in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Somalia. EDO Corp were recently acquired by ITT in a multi-billion pound deal.


Smash EDO demonstrate every week on Wednesdays between 4 and 6 outside EDO MBM/ITT and are planning a Halloween demonstration against the factory on the 29th of October.


For more info, call 07754135290 or email





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