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Advent Email Helps Beat the Credit Crunch

Nov 11

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11/11/2008 10:57  RssIcon

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Sign up to Christian Aid's advent email and receive daily tips to help beat the credit crunch this Christmas. The handy hints and tips will be emailed daily from the 1st December until Christmas Eve. They are designed to help consumers save cash, cut their carbon emissions and have some Yuletide fun.

Christian Aid's hints include:

  • Giving the gift of time - in an increasingly busy world give someone you love some time off by presenting them an IOU for babysitting, walking the dog, washing the car, etc. The babysitting duties could save them at least £20 a night!
  • Car sharing - as fuel costs rise, and traffic jams increase, find someone heading your way home for Christmas. Not only will it save you money by sharing fuel costs but using one car rather than two will reduce emissions. You might even make a new friend.
  • Get creative - why not make your own Christmas decorations? Use holly and pine cones collected from local woods to decorate the house, get the kids to make paper chains from old magazines and bake some gingerbread to hang on the tree. Making your own can be cheap, fun and will keep the kids amused for hours.

Other tips include how to cut costs on food, fuel, fashion, entertainment and much more.

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