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Is it all over for the ethical market?

Jan 6

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Has the credit crunch shown ethical products to be a luxury?


Banks appear to be collapsing faster than you can say ‘collateralised debt obligation’ and world wide economic depression is apparently only one ‘rescue package’ away. As we recently discussed, there have been a flurry of stories predicting the demise of the ethical market. The argument usually goes something like this – ‘ethical’ is a fad and a luxury and now that hard times are here we’ll forget this green nonsense and get back to good old-fashioned value for money. A turn around from double digit growth in the organic food market seemed to prove the point. In August the Guardian announced: “Shoppers lose their taste for organic food,” reporting that spending on organic food and drinks fell from a peak of nearly £100m a month, earlier this year, to £81m.

One suspects a certain satisfaction in some quarters that the do-gooders have had their day. But is this decline in the organic food market the exception rather than the rule?


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Re: Is it all over for the ethical market?

Thanks a million for this article - I've been looking for a research like this. Even if one's budget doesn't stretch to 100% organic, there are ways to stick to ethical consumption, perhaps think of it in a different way. For example, prefer to buy economy brands from the supermarkets that do not harass workers or opt for the seasonal, locally grown produce. Or, if your winter coat is beyond repair and the only way to get a new one is to hit those high-street sales, go to the cleanclothescampaign website to see which brands are least offensive.

By Recession Dreamgirl from recessiondreamgirl.blogsp on   07/01/2009 17:24


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