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Have a Heart for British Pigs!

Feb 5

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Day of Action Saturday, February 14


Jamie Oliver is trying to tell everyone who will listen that we treat our pigs 'decently', but to say that British pigs live the life of Riley is about as misleading as it gets. Viva! have been investigating British pig farms for the last 15 years and they have found filth, neglect and despair.

According to Viva!, the answer to saving pigs is not to buy British - the answer to saving pigs (and all farmed animals) is to go veggie! That's why Viva! have joined forces with Animal Aid for a Day of Action for Pigs this Valentine's Day. Click here to find out how you can get involved - from protesting on the streets to door-dropping leaflets.

Viva! will also be taking their plucky Piggles mascot up and down the country to highlight the suffering of British pigs throughout 2009. Visit the Piggles website to find out more.

See the horrific conditions Viva! found on their latest pig farm investigation - and read about them here.

Click here to donate and help Viva! fund more investigations and fight for the survival of British pigs - not the British pig industry.





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