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Museums under fire for hosting “Israeli Day of Science”

Feb 27

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Protests at the Museum of Science and Industry and the Science Museum


The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and the Science Museum in London are under fire for hosting an “Israeli Day of Science”, organised by the Zionist Federation of Britain, which will showcase research from seven Israeli Universities.


Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition and the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) have been campaigning against these events, on the basis that the Universities are complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the development of weaponry and policies most recently deployed in the assault on Gaza. Tel Aviv University in particular is said to have played a “major role in enhancing Israel's security capabilities and military edge”. Col Sharvit-Baruch, the Israeli army's senior adviser on international law, drew up legal justification for the bombing in Gaza and, along with the generals and politicians who ordered the bombing, stands accused of war crime. She has just got a job teaching Law at Tel Aviv University.


BRICUP and the Stop the War Coalition have produced open letters to the museums which have gathered signatures from a range of academics, amongst others. The BRICUP letter was published by the Guardian. Stop the War Coalition in Manchester are now asking for people to contact the Museum of Science and Industry directly with their complaints.


The series of lectures are to include nanotechnology, the brain and biochemistry, and an exhibition is to be aimed specifically at sixth form students.


The events are to take place on 3rd March in Manchester and 5th March in London and will be met with protests. For more information see Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition and BRICUP.



More information about the current academic boycott of Israel can be found at Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel and Global BDS Movement.




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Re: Museums under fire for hosting “Israeli Day of Science”

How absolutley disgusting. These groups should realise that all Israel wanted was to be left alone in their tiny land.
I am amazed that the might of the Arab nations surrounding Israel . resorted to terrorism and used the Palestnians as pawns in their bid to convert the world to islam. They never had the brains or the wherewithall to succeed in amy other way. The supporting groups if not humanitarian disgust me,

By Colin Mclaren on   20/04/2009 17:45


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