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Ethical Consumer under attack!

Mar 6

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06/03/2009 17:42  RssIcon

The Corporate Critic website is under attack from assailants unknown


This week, our technical team have been grappling with the Corporate Critic website which has been under attack from computers around the world.  Over the last week or so, for a few times each day, the website has become inaccessible to users because of these attacks.  We apologise to users who may have tried to access it during this period. 

According to our techies, “the problem is that it's a distributed denial of serviceattack (DDOS) - i.e. not from a single source, but coordinated from many. This makes it very difficult to block. The actual attacks come from malware infections on pc's around the world. From a quick look at the server log files they seem to be coming from somewhere between 500 and 1000 different ip's, but these will be continually changing.”

Clearly the database itself is designed to cast a critical light on corporate behaviour.  But most companies who are upset by something we are saying tend to get in touch and argue their case by email.  Who out there would think that this kind of DDOS is a better way of disagreeing with what we do than trying to put their case in a more grown up way?




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Re: Ethical Consumer under attack!

Representing and helping ethical consumers is not in the interest certain companies in of a world in economic crisis.
Hope you can stand this attacks. Your initiative will soon spread over the globe. It's the only way to give the consumer
grip on ethical producing and service. The powerlessness felt by many in this crisis to temper the greedy capitalism is
leading soon to a systemcrash. Your organisation is already a cornerstone for the time after this transition.
I hope this kind of initiative will soon come to The Netherlands; I will join the movement.

By Berto Aussems on   10/03/2009 00:18


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