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Avoid eggsessive packaging this Easter

Apr 9

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This Easter, avoid eggsessive packaging and buy a bar of Fairtrade chocolate instead.


This easter, Ethical Consumer recommends bypassing the traditional easter egg and buying a bar of Fairtrade chocolate instead. "Even though many brands have pledged to reduce the amount of packaging on their eggs, we still think it's still excessive" says Dan Welch from Ethical Consumer. "Of course, it's positive that they're making the effort, but you'll still get much more chocolate for your money - and much less packaging too - by buying a large bar of chocolate instead".

When Ethical Consumer last looked at chocolate bars, the top five to buy were: Plamil organic, Malagasy chocolate, Vegan Organica Chocolate Bar, Peter Rabbit Organics Chocolate Bar and Divine Fairtrade chocolate.

If, however, there will be too many tantrums without a real easter egg, then Ethical Consumer recommends buying fairtrade eggs where possible, ensuring that the farmers receive more money for their cocoa. Ethical Consumer also recommends eggs packaged using recycled materials and those avoiding plastic altogether.

See our buyer's guide to Easter Eggs.





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