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Where should you put your money now?

Apr 20

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Latest buyers' guides reveal Best Buys for current accounts and savings accounts.


The latest issue of Ethical Consumer magazine is a banking and money special. It features:

  • Current Accounts - we rate 28 bank accounts according to our five main areas: . There are 3 Best Buys and 4 other high scoring accounts. We look at public ownership, bonuses, tax havens and the arms trade.
  • Savings Accounts - we rate 14 bank and building society accounts and look at social lending.
  • BankTrack on what caused the crisis, and how to solve both the financial mess and the environmental and social crisis we face. 
  • Credit Unions
  • Local Currencies
  • Mutuality versus Capitalism
  • Ethical and Green Funds index
  • Interview with Richard Murphy, tax justice accountant


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