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Topshop action on Labour Day

Apr 28

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Join the campaign to improve workers' rights in Topshop's supply chain.

The student campaigning group People & Planet have called for students across the country to take action outsode all Topshops, joining the anti-globalisation movements on the streets for May 1st, International Labour Day.

People & Planet have condemned as 'greenwash' Topshop's recent announcement that they are to include a new small range of ethical Fairtrade clothing, whilst refusing to take serious action on the 'slave labour conditions' in the rest of their supply chain which was reported in The Sunday Times in August 2007.

The students have also asked 10,000 people across the country to call Topshop's customer services on 1 May, asking them why they still refuse to join the Ethical Trading Initiative, and showing that people do care about where their clothes come from.


Following on from a successful campaign against Primark, which concluded in the store taking the step of joining the Ethical Trading Initiative last year, People & Planet are targeting Topshop, demanding that it takes the same step and improves workers rights in its supply chain.


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Re: Topshop action on Labour Day

i do beleive that you must respects the rights of topshop as a buisness and that quite a lot of buisnesses support slaver labour and that i think people should not just target topshop

By cool guy on   01/05/2009 08:56

Re: Topshop action on Labour Day

i think that topshop cannot be the only TNC that has not respected there rights. It is the companies own choice how they run there country

By stupid comment on   01/05/2009 09:01

Re: Topshop action on Labour Day

you should respect topshops decisions as a buisness will

By cool guy on   01/05/2009 09:02

Re: Topshop action on Labour Day

that is what i am trying to say i am on topshop/ topman's side i think that the protests should be aimed at other companies as well

By stupid comment on   01/05/2009 09:04

Re: Topshop action on Labour Day

Cool Guy makes the rather strange assertion that we must respect the rights of Top Shop to employ "slaver labour" while Stupid announces cryptically "It is the companies own choice how they run there country". The fact that these two comments, with just enough illiteracy to sound like a normal, consumer site blog posting, were made five minutes apart but two days after this was posting smacks of PR company astroturfing tome, but I'm willing to be proved wrong.
No, we do not respect businesses "rights" to exploit workers in their supply chain in conditions that would be illegal in this country. The action is directed against Top Shop because it is one of the few retailers in the UK to refuse to join the Ethical Trading Initiative, which aims to improve conditions for the workers that make our clothes. Similar pressure on Primark has recently proved successful.

By Dan Welch, Ethical Consumer on   06/05/2009 09:29


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