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New free buyers' guides

May 13

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Four new free reports have just been added to this site - flour, garden centres, sportswear and green electricity.



If you are going to do a spot of baking, then you need to consult our free buyers' guide on Flour which covers 18 organic and supermarket brands. See the full report, scorecard and Best Buy recommendations for free here.


Or are you after the best Garden Centre? Look no further. We tell you who is the fairest of them all here.


Are you confused about which is the greenest green electricity tariff? Then check out our report.


Finally, what's the best clothes to wear when taking exercise? Our free report reveals the most ethical sportswear.


For more detailed information about the companies in these reports, buy a downloadable research pdf of them. These contain a detailed ratings table and all the criticisms that we used for each company to compile their rating.




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Re: New free buyers' guides

We run a small online shopping site for organic and ethically produced goods. Whats more, we donate 10% of our sales (note sales not the ill-defined word 'profits') to the charity of our customers choice. This allows our customers to support a huge range of charities, including a number of environmental campaining ones, at no cost to them. It's a great idea with certified organic products and most definitely no animal testing. See us at and
help us put something back.

By Mike Walker on   07/07/2009 15:56


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