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Greenpeace hail Nike's green policy

Jul 24

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Now ask the other brands to clean up their act.

Good news from Greenpeace's forests campaign. When they released the Slaughtering the Amazon report, over 30,000 supporters emailed the shoe companies that source leather from Brazil to express concern for the environment and the climate. The report shows that demand for shoe leather is one of the key drivers of deforestation in the Amazon, as rainforest is cleared to make room for the expanding cattle ranching industry.


Nike and Geox got in touch with Greenpeace. Both companies were keen to make sure that their business wasn't contributing to Amazon destruction. Greenpeace have been working with them over the last few weeks, and the good news is that both have announced new supply chain standards which will keep leather from the Amazon out of their shoes. Equally importantly, they're going to stick to those standards until an end to deforestation for cattle in the Brazilian Amazon is achieved.

Deforestation is responsible for one-fifth of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions, and our work shows that Brazil's cattle industry is responsible for about 80% of all Amazon deforestation, and is the largest single source of deforestation anywhere in the world. This is a vitally important issue.

By taking action, people like you have been central to persuading Nike and Geox.

But there's more to do. With two big companies taking the lead, the others named in the report - Adidas, Reebok, Timberland and Clarks - are more likely to sign up to similar commitments, if they feel enough pressure.

This is an unique opportunity. The power of international brands can really make a difference back in Brazil. Take a few minutes to help Greenpeace make the other shoe companies understand that it's time to change. By refusing to buy from suppliers that are linked to deforestation they can help ensure cattle ranching stops slaughtering the Amazon.

Take action >> Ask the other brands to clean up their act


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Re: Greenpeace hail Nike's green policy

Dear Sir,

Having read Greenpeace's "Slaughtering the Amazon" report I feel the need to write to you and ask that you reconsider the sourcing of leather you currently utilize. The deforestation in the Amazon is clearly moving at unacceptable rates and the cattle industry is largely responsible for this. As a keen sportsman I will now only buy trainers from Nike, who have worked with Greenpeace to source thier leather from other places, until i hear that you are no longer associated with deforestation in the Amazon.

Thank you for your time
Yours faithfully,
Matthew Cleveland

By Matthew Cleveland on   27/07/2009 12:19

Re: Greenpeace hail Nike's green policy

Great example of how people-pressure on line can make thing happen. Matthew's letter above is spot on - What companies fear most is customers abandoning a brand. It would be good to see Ethicval Consumer running its own campaigns.

By Skipjack on   30/07/2009 15:32


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