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Shoe companies take a step forward

Aug 7

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Timberland, Adidas and Clarks sign up to Greenpeace Amazon commitment


A couple of weeks ago we flagged up good news from Greenpeace's Amazon campaign - following the 'Slaughtering the Amazon report', over 30,000 supporters emailed the shoe companies that source leather from Brazil to express concern for the environment and the climate. The report shows that demand for shoe leather is one of the key drivers of deforestation in the Amazon, as rainforest is cleared to make room for the expanding cattle ranching industry. Nike and Geox broke the pack, committing to ensure their products weren't contributing to Amazon destruction. Greenpeace called on supporters to email other companies named in the report to let them know it was time to make a change.

Timberland, Adidas and Clarks have now all committed to ensuring their leather does not come from suppliers linked to Amazon deforestation. The campaign is a great example of how consumer brands and retailers can drive environmental and ethical standards in their supply chains - and why it's worth campaigners targetting consumer brands to drive change.

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Re: Shoe companies take a step forward

How come none of your blog articles say who they are written by? What are you trying to hide?!

By Anonymous on   07/08/2009 14:59

Re: Shoe companies take a step forward

timberland may be committed to ethical leather but their main and major shareholder has publicly stated his intent to support the israeli cause of the destruction of palestine, via the expansion of settlements and forcible removal of palestinians to neighbouring states. this is information i read on another website committed to ethical practice.

have you also investigated this? is it true? i have been boycotting timberland ever since i read this article (about 2 years ago) but if things have changed, it wold be good to know. it's important to encourage those who change their ways, even if they do it for the wrong reasons to begin with. eventually their good behaviour will become the norm.

By sz on   20/08/2009 18:08


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