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Zoo boycott forces Cadbury to back down

Aug 18

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Chocolate maker to stop using palm oil in its New Zealand chocolates after public outcry.

According to a report in the New Zealand Herald, Cadbury is to stop using palm oil in its New Zealand chocolates after a public outcry.


Cutting corners

The firm started using the oil as part of a cost-cutting exercise which saw the 150g and 250g bars shed about 20 per cent of their weight. However replacing a portion of the cocoa butter with palm oil riled Cadbury consumers, many complained about the taste and the source.

Environmentalists immediately called for a boycott over concerns palm oil production damaged rainforests.


Zoo boycott

Auckland Zoo pulled Cadbury's products from its shelves because of the threat posed to orang-utans by diminishing their rainforests habitat and Green MP Sue Kedgley urged shoppers to send a message to the company by refusing to buy the product.


Change of policy

Cadbury New Zealand managing director Matthew Oldham said the decision to bring back the old recipe was a direct response to consumer feedback.

"At the time, we genuinely believed we were making the right decision, for the right reasons. But we got it wrong. Now we're putting things right as soon as we possibly can, and hope Kiwis will forgive us."

Cadbury had purchased only certified sustainable palm oil, but regardless, the public had spoken, he said. Production of the cocoa-butter-only chocolate will resume in a few weeks
and Cadbury said the price would not be affected by the move.




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Re: Zoo boycott forces Cadbury to back down

There's more to this story around the issue of the claim of sourcing sustainable palm oil -

looks like the usual PR disaster when a company's marketing department is disconnected from its CSR department. But why i wonder is the recipe different from NZ to the UK? shouldn't this prompt us in the UK to demand that Cadburys drops palm oil from its ingredients list here too. A Ethical Consumer campaign perhaps?

By KE on   24/08/2009 14:29


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