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Campaign launched against known killer pesticide

Sep 10

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Despite being banned in 62 countries, Endosulfan's continued production and use still poisons people and environments

The Environmental Justice Foundation's new report details the environmental and human impacts of one of the world's most dangerous and pervasive pesticides, highlighting why it should be banned globally.

Endosulfan is the dominant pesticide in the cotton sector of 19 countries. Many thousands of people in communities living close to Endosulfan sprayed crops suffer horrific health impacts, such as birth deformities and even death.

Eliminating the worst pesticides from use in the fields inherently cleans up the supply chain, protecting both people and planet. At the moment a number of countries, led by India, stand in the way of a global ban.

High street retailers and international celebrities have joined EJF's call to action for a global ban and support the campaign and there are simple ways people can show their support through EJF's website.

Download the full report PDF here.





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