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Vandals target anti-fox hunting Lush

Oct 19

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Branches attacked after launch of campaign supporting saboteurs


In Chelmsford, Manchester, Taunton and Maidstone branches of ethical cosmetic company Lush have been vandalised and staff intimidated by people opposed to the cosmetics company's latest campaign.

Promotional campaign blackboards were also covered with "Keep Hunting" stickers, photos of which appeared on the online forum of the magazine Horse & Hound. The magazine is urging hunt supporters to boycott Lush.

The Countryside Alliance, which has been highly critical of Lush's decision to support the HSA, has urged hunt supporters not to target the stores. In a statement, the charity, which campaigns to overturn the ban on fox hunting, said: "It is important to realise that while the rural community is deeply upset at Lush's misguided decision to support the Hunt Saboteurs Association, any sort of direct, abusive or tactical protest, illegal or legal, is not appropriate and such action will most definitely not be supported by the Countryside Alliance."


Lee Moon, of the HSA, said: "The only reason the HSA continues to exist is because hunts up and down the country routinely break the law while killing foxes. We are the only ones who see what is really going on in the countryside, and it's we who are responding to it by getting between the hunters and the hunted, much the same as we have been doing for almost half a century. The hunts are still killing, the police aren't policing and so we are still sabbing."

The company, founded by Mark Constantine, donated more than £500,000 to charities and campaign groups last year. In December 2008 it paid the legal fees of the 56 protesters from Plane Stupid who broke into Stansted airport and delayed thousands of passengers.


Full story from The Independent or more about the campaign from Lush. Buy a Fabulous Mrs Fox bubble bar for £2.95 and 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) go to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.





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