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Practical solutions to challenge the Copenhagen consensus?


Nobel prize winners, anti-poverty groups and environment campaigners call for new economic approaches to deal with Climate change.

A report released today entitled 'Other Worlds are Possible - Human Progress in an Age of Climate Change' calls for a systemic approach to tackle global warming and poverty.

The writers hope to apply pressure to governments in the run up to the Copenhagen talks in two weeks time.

“Every government planning to attend the Copenhagen climate summit say they want to stop catastrophic global warming. Yet every government also promotes economic policies that guarantee disaster.” Says Andrew Simms co-author of the report and policy director at the *new economic foundation (nef)*

The report describes how the costs and benefits of global economic growth have been very unfairly distributed, with those on lowest incomes getting the fewest benefits and paying the highest costs. *Dr Alison Doig, Senior Climate Change Adviser for Christian Aid, another member of the coalition, added *“Climate change is magnifying the inequalities inherent in our current growth-based development model. This report shows that there are other approaches to development which are both fairer and far less dangerous to the environment.”

The report goes onto describe a wide range of examples of more positive approaches from the practical experience of a wide range of sources. This includes radical economic proposals from leading economists based in developing countries that are already beginning to bear the human and economic costs of climate change. NEF say that these points of view are often overlooked by commentators in rich countries.

*Duncan Green, Head of Research for Oxfam GB said *“’There is No Alternative' is one of the most misleading claims of the market fundmentalists. By pulling together the new narratives of some of the developing world's leading thinkers, our report shows that there are actually dozens of alternatives, many of them already being put into practice.”

The writers hope to demonstrate that there is no shortage of new ideas and that the need for change is becoming increasingly urgent.

Full copies of the report are available from the new economics foundation




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