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Reducing your Xmas Miles

Dec 21

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21/12/2009 11:40  RssIcon

New ideas for challenging the festival of consumption


Hot on the heals of the Copenhagen debacle, comes the season of superconsumerism we know as Christmas. Taking a critical look at our own carbon impacts - through the idea of 'Xmas Miles' - is just one innovation in a new booklet seeking to cut through some of the consumerist nonsense of the festive season.


Can we reduce Xmas impacts by 60% by holidaying in the UK rather than travelling abroad, by buying local and seasonal food, gifts and decorations, and making other lifestyle changes? Whilst product information isn't good enough to answer this questions right now, it certainly feels like the right question to be asking.


The 44 page booklet 'How to have a better Xmas' is a free download from the publications area of the Life Squared website at It is critical of consumerism - not only because of its external impacts - but because it argues that the drive for materialism ultimately makes people miserable. And although non-religious in tone, many of its recommendations - such as compassion, reflection and generosity - are not dissimilar to faith-based massages at this time of year.


The publishers Life Squared, in their own words, "aim to help people to ‘live well’ – to live happy, wise and fulfilled lives within the pressure and complexity of the modern world." They do publications, lectures, courses and consultancy to achieve this goal.


Another free download on the website is 'The Problem with Consumerism' - where the argument 'that a lack of fulfilment is built into the whole idea of consumerism' is explored...and complemented with ideas for escaping the 'trap' of consumerist ideology. Enjoy!




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