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Micro-fibre re-usable nappies

Jan 20

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20/01/2010 11:14  RssIcon

Our research forum seeks users' experiences

We're doing some research here at Ethical Consumer on reusable nappies, and it appears that drying is a big practical issue for parents who use re-usable nappies.  Particularly in the winter.

A recent trend in re-usables is to use microfibre as the main cloth constituent - partly because they come out of the washing machine nearly dry already.

Does anyone use these now?  How do they perform for absorbancy/leaking/price?  We're seeking some opinions from real-world users to influence how we write about them in our forthcoming nappies report.

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Re: Micro-fibre re-usable nappies

I used Bum Genius reusable nappies for about 20 months until about August last year. They performed brilliantly for about a year but then seemed to lose absorbency and I had to change them more often. Whether this was just because my daughter was getting bigger I don't know. They did dry pretty fast and looked good. They did not leak and I'd say they worked out good value for money although if I wanted to use them for a 2nd child I think I would have to buy more inserts.

By Pippa on   08/02/2010 19:22

Re: Micro-fibre re-usable nappies

I use Bum Genius nappies on my 7-month-old boy but I have found that they leak relatively quickly around the leg. I tried changing the popper fittings but this made no difference. I sourced these as the terry nappies needed changing several times a night and I thought that may have been one of the reasons my son was waking. Bum Genius were better but even with both inserts in they still leaked every night. I have continued to use them during the day, when I go out but I am now using Bambo disposable nappies at night which on the whole have been very absorbant and saved me the daily washing of several sheets and grobags. He is also happier overnight and now only wakes twice for feeds.
On the positive side, they are a lot less bulky than terry nappies so clothes fit better, they are also relatively quick drying and the price wasn't too bad as I searched a discount offer on the internet. In terms of nappy rash, he never gets any with terry nappies, a little with Bum Genius and moderately with disposables-this is probably linked to how frequently you have to change the nappy and therefore how much ammonia build-up you get.

By Melanie on   09/02/2010 15:33


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