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When will IKEA see the light?

Feb 15

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No more palm oil for candles and tealights


Swedish furniture company IKEA sells not just furniture but also candles and tealights.  There is, however, a reason for the low price: In order to keep candles and tealights cheap, the company increasingly relies on palm oil.  Every year, IKEA uses 32,000 tonnes of palm oil for candle production alone!

IKEA knows that palm oil production is unsustainable.  The company has confirmed in a reply to Rainforest Rescue that they cannot guarantee the sustainable production of the palm oil which they use.  Nonetheless, the company continues to rely on palm oil.

Support Rainforest Rescue's protest and call on IKEA to stop the use of palm oil for candles and tealights in future and instead to use only domestic materials:




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Re: When will IKEA see the light?- Fact checking

Please check your facts about Palm Oil, IKEA and the Rainforest Rescue group thoroughly.
This is not an IKEA issue, this is a consumerism versus capitalism issue, where a non-profit is attacking a profitable corporation over a boutique issue.
Please remember that rainforest is a euphemism for jungle.
The article on speaks for itself quite clearly, yet ignores the fact that if palm oil is not farmed, the alternative is petroleum fields.
Boycotting IKEA serves no purpose other than to plague the corporation into submission, get them to make a guilt based donation to a cause that is contributing confusion rather than a solution to the problem.
If they are truly a proponent of saving jungles, then they would be addressing the consumers- not the manufacturers.

Kevin West
Saint Louis, MO

By Kalzabar on   21/02/2010 18:26


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